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SUMMER VACATION – FROM 2nd MAY’22 TO 12th June’22

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As summer rolls around the time students are curiously waiting for vacations to start. It is the happiest period in every students life. At the same time, It’s a worrisome question for the parents how to keep students busy during the summer break.

Let’s have a look at some of the interesting summer vacation activities.

child stay active and healthy
1. Keep your child stay active and healthy

Enroll them for Swimming,Karate,Yoga or Dance classes.It can vary according to your child’s taste and interest.

child stay active and healthy
2.Engage your child in Art and Craft

It improves their skills, elps them to make new things and develop creative and innovative skills.Indulging students in these activities help to enrich their hidden talents.

child stay active and healthy
3.Teach them Gardening-

Try growing veggie,it helps children come closer to nature.

child stay active and healthy
4.Teach them how to cook-

Cooking will help them explore their senses and stay organized.Make them aware of how food is important and about not to waste food.

child stay active and healthy
5.Engage your child in reading & writing--

Reading skills can be improved through reading books.Reading is beneficial for students as it enriches their language. Engage your child in writing a daily journal. This is an effective way to increase writing skills.

child stay active and healthy
6.Family Time

Moments spent together with families and grandparents together are always priceless and memorable, so during this summer time, plan some time to spend with your family together. Arranging short study tours and picnics will help them to enhance general awareness. This helps to enjoy the beauty of our natural world.

Students enjoy your holidays and be safe at home.
School re-opens on Monday,13th June 2022.