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278, Sholapur Bazar, Pune-01.


Beginning of C.E.S's Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School

Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School, established in the year 1985 by Camp Education Society, is situated at a jostling location of Pune city, in Camp at Sholapur Bazar.

Along with stellar quality of education Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School aims at raising a generation of youngsters who are aware, responsible, qualified and able to take on the challenges of the world and make it a better place. We warm heartedly welcome students of all class, creed, gender and religion. We strive to build a culture of acceptance, empathy and joy in our school. Our able workforce comes together as a unit to uphold the principles of democracy, integrity, compassion and love for all. Teachers constantly work as mentors, guides and counsellors for students to help them in the academic as well as personal struggles. Extra classes for struggling students across all grades are taken to ensure the up keeping of academic rigour. Parent-teacher meeting at the end of every unit is conducted to ensure parents investment in the growth of each child. All round development of students play a pivotal role in our school like wise Annual Gathering, Fete and Annual Sports are held every year to provide a platform to each child to bring out the best in them and to sharpen their skills, talents and potentials. Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School stands out in its approach to education by balancing out equal shares of academic and co-curricular activities while keeping up its motto of 'Service and Sacrifice'.

Our Goals

  • At Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School we aim to provide quality education, a loving environment, nurturing faculty and a creative curricular which focuses on learning through activity and play.
  • We aim to provide a good standard of education along with holistic development to the child with dedication, perseverance and eagerness to serve the society.
  • We focus on practicing life skills in school that help our students develop qualities like self-esteem, communication, confidence, compassion, respect, empathy and creative thinking which will help them to lead a productive and satisfying life.

Academic Excellence

  • Curriculum is a structured plan of action that delivers a high standard and equitable academic opportunities for students. Our students excel in academics and get 100% result is SSC Board exam.
  • Excellence in teaching is evident in the qualifications of staff, as well as the professional learning opportunities offered by the school to its teachers.
  • Creating art expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Our students perform outstandingly in the Elementary and Intermediate Art Examinations.
  • The E-Learning facility provides high retention power and a digital learning environment to our students.
  • We have well equipped computer lab with latest computer version. Also we have updated NIIT NGuru softwares that help our student to learn computers efficiently and updated themselves with technologies.
  • Our science Lab is well equipped that help our students to have a first hand experience by performing various experiments on their own. Students use models to understand different scientific theories and concepts easily.

Personality Development

For the holistic development of our students, we at Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School given more emphasis on extracurricular activities so that the hidden potential of our students are harnessed. The areas of specification are as follows-


For overall personality development sports is the best helper for student which makes them fit & fine to face all difficulty & problems. At Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School we have a well furnished sports Ground where every year in the month of December, Annual Sport day is held for the students. Our students also actively participate in NCC, RSP and Sea cadet corps trainings.


A Healthy mind resides in a Healthy body', we have always taken that extra step to make our students believe in that. Hence, we have allotted regular periods for mass PT exercises, games and Yoga for our students.


At Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School special importance is paid to Karate, as it not only helps the students to defend his/her self but also prepares them to face the future with confidence. And so special coaching in Karate is provided to our students.


Music is the fabric of our society, and music can shape abilities and character. Like wise we have introduced an enjoyable subject like music to our students to build their skills and interests.

Picnics and Educational trips
Picnics and Educational trips

Educational trips and picnics are arranged to help our students discover the diversity of the flora and fauna of our country. Field trips to various factories and informative places are an integral part of education in our school. It helps to expose children’s eyes towards their community and widen their horizon of thoughts.

Activities and Competitions
Activities and Competitions

Bridging Academic and extra curricular activities might possibly be a serious challenge. In this regards we have month-end activities and competitions to polish and nurture the natural talents of our students. Our students have also made a mark for themselves in various Inter school competitions and have bought laurels to our school.