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278, Sholapur Bazar, Pune-01.


Utkarsha English Medium School Utkarsha English Medium School

Establishment of Camp Education Society

Camp Education Society is a well established and trusted name in the field of education in Pune. The Society established in the Year 1885 has been carrying out the noble cause of imparting education for the last 135 years, through its 30 different institutions right across Pune.

Camp Education Society was established by few social workers from different walks of life. The prominent were Late. Shri. Rajanna Lingoo Polas and the Late. Shri Balkrishna Sayanna Motado. The efforts of these leading men were solemnly blessed by the great social leader the Late. Mahatma Phule. The society takes pride in the fact that noted social reformer and educationalist Acharya Pralhad Keshav Atre worked as Head Master for about two decades.

Camp Education Society bloomed and flourished under the skillful guidance of Chairman Late Hon. Shri. Dr. Arvind. B. Telang and Hon. Shri. Walchand. D. Sancheti for over two decades. Thus the seed was sown for evergreen tree of education, under the shade of which thousands of boys and girls received drops of nectar of good educational horizon of Pune.

From The Chairman's Desk

Shri Walchand Sancheti

Shri Walchand Sancheti
Hon. Chairman of Camp Education Society

In Today's global scenario it has been well acknowledged that Education have acquired prime importance for any individual for survival and growth in Society.

Camp Education Society have always given priority to the human values while marching on its way to service to the society empowering the common man with the weapon of education and values. I am confident that well developed infrastructure along with quality inputs would surely contribute in developing quality human resource with values for the society.

I take this opportunity to invite and welcome you to Camp Education Society's Utkarsha English Medium School. We are confident that quality infrastructure, able and dedicated staff makes this Institute one of the best Schools in Pune.

If you are an aspiring learner, ambitious to set trends but in search of the right medium to translate your dreams to reality, CAMP EDUCATION SOCIETY'S UTKARSHA ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL is the place for you.

I look forward to welcoming you to this temple of Education, Wishing you all the best for your Academic pursuits.

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Lately we have been highly fortunate to be patronized by Hon. Dr Cyrus Poonawalla, for enabling us to upgrade our school with the latest equipment and teaching aids. We stand obliged to him and as a token of appreciation; the school will be renamed as C.E.S’s Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School, from the upcoming academic year.